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As restorative as a cool fresh waterfall, anxiously awaited and heavily anticipated, David Celia’s self -produced “This Isn’t Here”, his follow- up to 2002’s Organica, was well worth the wait. Recorded between tours, the “pure musical escapism” (on Organica, NOW Magazine) IS here, as is the “excellent musicianship…elegant and melodic” (Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy) and the beautiful harmonies, all of which characterize David Celia.

A recent German review calls Celia “completely charmful… contemplative… wonderful atmosphere... you will like him immediately..like a warm embrace from a good friend” (rock e-zine, Berlin). “David Celia is one of the best talents to hit Merseyside from North America” (Alex McKechnie, Cavern Club, Liverpool).

While “This Isn’t Here” may be categorized as “roots-pop with hints of folk “ (and perhaps some country vibes and a little rockin’), David’s classicism manages to, naturally and effortlessly, cross genre’s and ages. Toddlers and Adults alike are charmed, and so are Lovers of Folk Music and fans of Pop Music.

Fellow ‘music heads’ are impressed by his musicianship and craftsmanship, as is evident by friends & guests appearing on “This Isn’t Here”, including Dave Clark’s Neil Young inspired drumming (Rheostatics, Gord Downie Band), Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith), Joan Besen (Prairie Oyster),Jenny Mitchell aka. Jenny Omnichord on Banjo, (Barmitzvah Brothers) and Bob Wiseman on Casio keyboard, the inspiration behind a track or two. You may catch wisps of such diverse influences as Wilco, Buddy Holly, Blue Rodeo, Bob Dylan, Todd Rundgren and George Harrison, but ultimately, “This Isn’t Here” is 100% David Celia-charming, whimsical, hopeful and optimistic.

Dave's Canadian band includes a mix of local players including Joan Besen (Prairie Oyster) on keyboards, Cleave Anderson(former Blue Rodeo) on drums and Chris Banks on bass. Other sit-in's have and still include(d) Gary Craig, Chris Gartner, Derrick Brady, Michael Holt, Blake Howard, Geoff Hen, Dave Clark, Selina Martin, Great Aunt Ida and more.

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"Excellent musicianship..... elegant and melodic"

Neil Hannon, The Divine Comedy

"Celia's stage presence and charisma hold the crowd like a rabbit in car's headlights."

Flicky Harrison, The Evening Advertiser Swindon, England

(On Organica...) "This is Superb"

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"Really good music"

Hilly Krystal, CBGB's New York City

"This is something special"

Andy Lowe, 12 Bar Club London, England

"Pure musical escapism

"NOW magazine, Toronto